Sunday, March 15, 2009

Venice, Louisiana - Day 1

No tuna, wahoo, or makos, but caught more pounds of fish today that any day of my life! Lost count of little tunny and "whaler sharks". Two sharks 150-200 pounds, an amberjack -80 pounds!

Fog thicker than I have ever seen it. Couldn't have left the marina without a GPS - wish I had a radar.

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  1. Venice, LA Day 2

    Sorry for the month delay on a response for day 2 but nothing much to report. Again, crazy thick fog, took 3 hours to make it to the gulf. Action was red hot all day, but no glamor fish, sharks and little tunny.

    Weather called for 2-3 foot seas all day long, but by 2:00 pm the waves were running 6-8. Lost an anchor, chain and 600' of anchor line, but I guess that it the cost of doing business?!?!