Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fishing Music II

Some of you folks may have seen / heard a CD produced by Ben Winship and David Thompson, two members of the Bozeman, Montana - based bluegrass band "Kane's River". Ben and David got a lot of help from some big names in bluegrass, such as Tim and Mollie O'Brien, David Grier, and Rob Ickes, and produced an album of, well, fishing songs. The CD has gotten a lot of positive reviews, and as a matter of fact, I even purchased a couple extras for TU auction donations a year or two ago.

Well, they're at it again, and have recently completed "Fishing Music II", using a lot of the same cream-of-the-crop musicians. More great music for driving to your favorite trout stream.

Pickers who fly-fish....or are they fly-fishers who pick? It doesn't matter, pick up this CD, or the original if you haven't gotten it yet. And now, a music video from the CD:

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