Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tie 1 On with Frog Hollow & Toccoa River Fishing Reports

To all fly tyers and want-to-be fly tyers. Our monthly fly tying session will be Tues. Sept 1 at Unicoi Outfitters in Helen at 6:30. Everyone is welcome and hey, its free. If you have a vise, bring it and any materials you have for a fly you want to learn how to tie or demonstrate how to tie. If you don't have any equipment, that's OK--we'll supply it. We tie simple fish catching flies that won't take you an hour to tie. The session is always fun and its a great time to talk with other fishermen who share the same interest. Hope to see you there.

And while I'm posting, I would like to mention a couple of trips I recently guided. Today I had a trip at Frog Hollow on the Chestatee and it fished good. My customer had 3 or 4 fish that broke us off and landed a 24" rainbow on a Brahma sparkle soft hackle.

Also, last Saturday I guided a trip on the Toccoa tailwater and it was the best trip I've had over there in a while. We brought over 2 dozen fish to the net--including at least a dozen tagged fish and we hooked several more. We hooked most of these fish on a Holy Grail and another fly I'd rather not mention.

Being able to fish and have good results like these during July and August is definitely a big change from this same time last year. By the way, the Holy Grail and Brahma soft hackle, along with the Evil Weevil are just a few of the flies we tie at our Tie 1 On sessions....hope to see you there!

Tie 1 On


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