Sunday, February 28, 2010


Notice - the March 2 session has been SNOWED OUT - stay home and tie by the fire!

Our fly tying group will meet Tue., March 2nd at 6:30 at Unicoi Outfitters in Helen. Last month we had
the largest group since we started meeting. I think our flies are starting to look a little better and we always have a good time.
The meeting this month should be really helpful because Scott Abernathy plans to be there. Scott ties a lot of flies for Unicoi and has been a commercial tyer for quite a while. If you've never seen him tie, you need to be there. He ties great looking flies that catch fish and he ties them real fast--don't blink. He says he will show us some of his methods for tying and this will really help you in creating better looking flies.
Scott not only does a great job when it comes to tying flies, he's also a pretty good guy--he's helped me on many occasions in the past.
We'll also be tying the "skater spider"--the fly in the picture. I don't think we can mess this one up. Robert Sullivan, who's really getting into tying, will show us how to tie this dry fly.
Robert, Sid Snow, and Joel Hope did a great job helping customers with fly tying last Sat. and Sun. at Bass Pro.
We had a booth set up there representing the Foothills Chapter of Trout Unlimited.
So, I'm really looking forward to the meeting Tues.--hope you are. Bring a vise and tools if you have them, but more important, bring a friend. This session is for beginners as well as experienced tyers. Learn how to tie better and teach us how to be better tyers.
It's a good feeling to catch fish on your flies.

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