Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Friends--Beautiful Day--Big Fish

Tony Land and Rick Hill were up from Tampa for a few days and couldn't resist fishing on such a beautiful day--the 1st day of March. They called me and we decided to try fishing Nacoochee Bend. Good decision--stoneflies were on the water and the fishing was great. Both were on fish right away and it didn't slow down too much the rest of the afternoon. What a difference a few degrees in water temp can make.

We hooked and landed some big fish just like the one that Rick is smiling at in the picture. Thanks guys for a great day--it just seems to get better every time we fish together.

Can't wait till you come back.



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  1. Ron, Rick and I just saw this. Thanks for spending the afternoon with us. Could you please post the pic of me and the 25 fish I caught today. Oh thats right - Rick deleted those.