Monday, August 9, 2010

Broken Rods

Here at Unicoi Outfitters we're lucky enough to have customers from around the world...some of whom fish for different species than we're used to around north Georgia.  We recently got an email from a customer who had a warranty repair the truth is that most of the rod repairs we get in are from encounters with car doors rather than big fish, no matter what the customer says (hey, we're all in the Liars Club, right?).  But this time I think it might have been the fish....


  1. This is a true story! Our friend lives in eastern Europe and has ordered several Sage rods from us over the years. The rod he broke happens to be a Sage spinning rod, not a fly rod. Still, it's pretty darn impressive. We have more pictures of different fish he caught with this rod before it blew up.

  2. Im going to Thailand to fish for arapaima and various other giant species. My Helios wont break :)