Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great Smoky Mountain Giant

Even with the frequent rains we've been having lately, water temperatures in mid-afternoon on many streams have been getting a little too warm for a full day of quality trout fishing. So what do you do if you've got an outing with friends planned who don't have to be home before dark thirty? You drive a little farther north and fish the streams in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. When we stepped into the stream, the water temp read 57 degrees; cool enough for me to bail on wet wading. We had hoped to fish dry flies primarily but it quickly became obvious the fish weren't looking up so dry/dropper rig was our second choice. At least it was the second choice for two of us. Jeff, in typical Dredger style, went way deep with multiple split shot and a big meaty fly. A fierce battle with his 3 wt. and 5X tippet ended when Alan netted the big fish; all 21 1/2 inches of it. This is no Cherokee stocked pig; this is a wild brown caught on a small stream in the Park. An absolutely amazing fish!


  1. That's one way to put it! That's really a fish of a lifetime - almost 22" of wild brown from the Smokies!

  2. Flyrod: $400.00
    Waders: $350.00
    Dredging: Priceless

    Way to go Jeff! brad

  3. Check that dude's credentials.

    Waders cost 350 smackers?

    I gotta get out more.....