Friday, July 1, 2011

And Now for Something a Little Different

It's always good to hear from friends who send us reports from exotic (or not-so-exotic) places. This video report from Jay Shelton of UGA:

Last week I made my annual pilgrimage to the land of my birth (Louisiana) to do some kayak fly fishing (and overeating). I was delighted to find plenty of red drum exactly where I left them one year ago. Sight casting in water less than a foot deep can be challenging. Many things can go wrong during the process of stalking, spotting, positioning, casting, hook set, fighting, and hopefully landing a fish. It isn’t easy to describe the overall experience in words. So this year I tried a tiny waterproof, wearable, wide-angle video camera for the first time and was pretty happy with the results:

Snapshots grabbed from the video aren’t bad either:

One fish was kind enough to take me on a “Louisiana Sleigh Ride”, dragging me near enough to my brother for him to snap a photo before release.

Overall it was a great trip and for anyone who has struggled to “capture the moment” while fishing alone, you might consider a wearable video camera with a chest mount harness.

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