Friday, March 16, 2012

Dry Flying the Chattooga

Report Provided by Alan Juncker (a charter member of the Liars Club)

I finally got in the river at 6:20 last night and went upstream to try for a re-match with the nice fish Jimmy and I both had rise to, but refuse, our dry flies last week.

There was not much bug activity and I only saw a few rises in the 2 hours I was there.  It was unseasonably warm. Started out with a Parachute Adams and a small Pheasant Tail dropper but ended up switching to a double dry pretty soon after having a couple of refusals on the dry. I went to a smaller Adams and picked up a fish right away.

The big guy did not come out to play this time but I did bring three rainbows and one brown to hand, all in the 9-10" range.  

Water was crystal clear, had the river to myself and only saw two guys camping on the SC side.  It was a beautiful evening and the tree in the parking lot was in full bloom when I arrived. Walked out at 8:00 and definitely was glad the batteries on my clip on hat light were still good.  Definitely "dark thirty" getting back to the parking lot.

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