Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Howdy All,

Spent Saturday afternoon over on Rock Creek Lake floating around in the float tube.  The water was still pretty cold there and I regretted wet wading once the clouds came in later in the afternoon.  Fishing was pretty good all things considered.  I used a dry dropper rig with a big stimulator and two tungsten bead nymphs, a pheasant tail variant "The Frenchie" and a pink version of a hares ear called a "Surveyor."  Best way to fish it was casting in areas of risers and then slowly strip it back to me. The Dry would sometimes dive when a fish took a nymph dropper but many times all that would signal a strike would be the dry turning in a different direction or a small blip.  Fish actually hit the dry too stripped across the surface, usually just as it was starting to move.  I had many doubles hooked and a few landed and even managed to hook and land a triple!  As cool as that was, the highlight of the day was seeing a small banded water snake swimming across a small cove on the lake and a nice brook trout came up and nailed him!  Now that is something you don't see everyday!  Enjoy the pictures and flying bream...

Landon Williams

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