Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Helios 2 Promo


Also, for those of you looking for one of the greatest fly-rods in production today, Orvis is holding a truly awesome promotion on the Orvis Helios 2 rods. With any purchase of an H2, you will also receive a Hydros SL reel. Many of our guides and employees have been fishing the Orvis Helios 2 for quite some time and we love them. They are light, strong, and although they cast smoothly, the Orvis Helios 2 possesses plenty of strength in the bank for those larger fish.

The Hydros SL is a bit newer to the market than the Helios, as it was only release at ICAST last year, however we have already put them into rotation in our guiding outfits and client gear, and they have performed flawlessly. Many of our guides have also come to love these reels for there smooth drag, high retrieval rate, and indexed drag knob, making it easier to adjust the drag mid fight with that fish of a lifetime.

The 2016 Fly-FIsherman's Christmas List- Unicoi Outfitters

 With Christmas just around the bend, We here at Unicoi Outfitters decided to piece together a list of some of our favorite pieces of gear for the seasons ahead.  We tried to exclude the obvious- like fly rods and reels, and waders and boots, and instead focus on some of those pieces of gear you may not have thought of, heard of, or seen before. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!                                 

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Honesty In Reporting - Coopers Creek

by Jimmy Harris

Wild Brook Trout
There is currently a big media push concerning the Chattahoochee National Forest's management plan for what is being referred to as the Coopers Creek Project.  There have been editorials and newspaper articles across the state and yesterday I received an unsolicited email from "Protect Georgia".  I'm not familiar with them but they are mounting a campaign to encourage people to oppose the Forest Service plan for Coopers Creek.  They list among their supporters most of the Riverkeeper organizations in Georgia.

Golden-Winged Warbler
I just wanted to let you know that Protect Georgia, Georgia ForestWatch and the Sierra Club are using a lot of misinformation and outright lies in their efforts to block this project.  Photos of huge clear cuts, threats to brook trout streams and songbirds are all being thrown in the reader's face as the horror story the Forest Service is about to wreak on Coopers Creek.  None of this is true.  It's all an effort to create an element of fear in the mind of the general public. I am not recommending a stance on this project, although I will acknowledge that I support the Forest Service on this, but I do want to encourage our followers to become familiar with what is being proposed and not assume these groups are giving the true story.  Here is a link to the Forest Service's Fast Facts on the project.  There is also a 200 page Environmental Analysis available for more detailed information.  You may also be interested to know that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources supports the plan.

Unfortunately, in today's world, it's easy for narrowly focused groups to flood the airwaves with their agenda irregardless of the facts.  We need more conservationists and we need watchdogs but we also need to be honest.  Please take a moment to learn what this project is truly proposing.  And then I suggest you make your feelings known to the Forest Service.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Dukes Creek after the Big Winter Storm

by Landon Williams (the guy who gets to fish more than the law allows)

Did you survive Snowpocalypse 2016?! Hopefully so and were able to get out and enjoy the decent weather we had Sunday. I took advantage of some poor but probably warm soul’s no-show slot at Dukes creek yesterday afternoon and had a great day. Water was running at a normal winter flow but was very balmy with the recent winter weather. Still, fish have to eat and if you were persistent and patient, good fishing was one’s reward. I practiced what I always preach and found the Sun and the fishing was much improved for my angling trio compared to the poor reports I heard from the ice filled morning. Mop Flies took their fair share of fish from the others in my group but I did best with an 18 hares ear soft hackle trailed behind a small egg. Fish were hugging bottom and getting it in their face was key. My weight ranged anywhere from 3 BB split shot to two 3/0 water gremlins 
ending on the depth and current speed of my fishing locale. Long fluorocarbon leaders were key to punching through current and delivering tasty morsels to the resident fish.
It was a fairly normal angling day for the winter time but believe it or not, I caught more fish on the soft hackle than I did anything else.  A slow deliberate raising/lowering of the rod at the end of the drift was deadly and even fooled a couple of nice sized “PHD” trout too! If you didn’t get outside yesterday and instead opted to watch Carolina’s clinic against the Cardinals or Peyton VS Brady, at least know that your opportunity was there!

See you on the creek!